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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Okay, I've given it a couple of days, and nuMichael (Chad Duell) is starting to grow on me.  Which makes me feel guilty, like somehow, I'm cheating on the memory of Drew Garrett.  Sorry Drew, but so far Chad's doing a decent job.  The only complaint I would have is that he's playing every scene angry, which might have more to do with the fact that Michael's only scenes lately have been with Dante, whom he hates. I'm hoping he gets some decent, non-angry scenes with either Morgan or Carly soon. 

I did find it funny that between yesterday's episode and today's, he got a haircut – like he asked Dante to stop off at a barber on his way to his apartment or something!

It's interesting that Coleman chose now to lose his mind and get booted off the jury – nice twist that I didn't see coming.  I also liked that Claire put Ronnie on the stand and that they had surveillance photos of Michael.  That took the smirk off of Sonny and Carly's faces. 

As someone who has defended Jax' actions for months, I'm now going to say "Jax, shut up."  You can't get your panties in a bunch that Claire used the kids to get at Sonny and be uspet with her that it looks like you're going to lose and then turn around and pretend you're winning when she finally uses her own brains to do her job.

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Interesting Helena/Luke scene.  Although Helena should be careful, because all that heavy-handed "Cassadine baby" talk will make Luke suspicious about that baby's paternity.  And why is everyone assuming that the baby will be male?  Several times now, I've heard both Helena and Nikolas refer to the baby as "he".

Funny line of the day:

Helena: "You're the one with the unfortunate name?  Apple?  Blanket?

Skye: "Skye"

The Liz/Lucky/Shirley stuff was a little heavy-handed, as was Lucky walking up to Helena and Liz and warning off Helena. 

Jason, showing up at a police officer's appartment with gun drawn is a sure-fire way to get your head blown off.  Too bad Dante wasn't home to do it.

Good Lulu/Dante scene, talking about what Dante should or shouldn't do now that he knows the truth.

LIne of the day:

Dante: When is Sonny finally gonna get what he deserves.

Lulu: Well, people keep covering up for him . . . kinda like YOU did.