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David Canary, You Will be Missed!

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I am in denial. Today is the day one of my all-time favorite actors, David Canary, and his character Adam Chandler jet off into the sunset of retirement on the arm of the wonderful Brooke English (Julia Barr).

Contrary to what readers and listeners might think, it wasn’t Rebecca Budig’s Greenlee that hooked me on All My Children in the late 1990s, it was David Canary and Adam Chandler. Thanks to Canary’s dynamic performances as both Adam and Stuart, Adam’s plotting and corporate raiding and every single one of Adam’s many wives, even when the show was AWFUL – and it has had several periods of awfulness since I started watching – I still tuned in to find out what Adam would do next.

One of my favorite Adam memories – and arguably one of the funniest since I started watching – was when Adam woke up with a hangover married to the one and only Krystal Carey (Bobbie Eakes). Who would have guessed they would turn out to be such an enjoyable couple? Another of my favorite Adam dynamics was his relationship with Susan Lucci’s Erica Kane. Those two together are true gold and more than once I hoped and prayed they would end up back together.

Adam and JR (Jacob Young) are one of my favorite father/son relationships in soaps. How can one not appreciate watching these two consummate actors going toe-to-toe, their characters never giving an inch in their ongoing battles?

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Canary’s wonderful portrayal of Stuart Chandler. Only the best actors can pull off playing twin characters convincingly, and Canary did just that anytime Adam and Stuart shared a scene. I always preferred Adam to Stuart, but Stuart’s King and Queen of Hearts wedding to Marion (Jennifer Bassey) stands out as one of my favorite AMC weddings.

I was reminded this past week of another favorite Adam moment. During Palmer’s (James Mitchell) memorial, they showed the scene of Palmer and Adam in the jet and Palmer preparing to take the bullet out of Adam. Watching Pine Valley's cantankerous titans of industry and their one-upmanship relationship was always a pleasure. At its best, AMC excels at portraying characters that get under each other's skin.

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Thank you David Canary for your many wonderful years on All My Children. Pine Valley will never be the same without you.