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Jillian's DAYS Spoilers!


EJ: He promises Roman that Sami will be ok.

Brady: He kicks Nicole out when she keeps pushing his buttons.

Stephanie: She figures out something's not right with Philip.

Vivian: Madam tells Arianna to watch her back with Nicole.

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EJ/Sami: Sami finds EJ knocked out on the pier after being robbed by Hope (see below). Sami jumps to the conclusion that EJ's been snuffed out, but is relieved when he starts to regain consciousness. EJ begins to have respiratory problems just as Sami tries to find out what took place. He starts to have a panic attack and Sami attempts to get help. EJ fades to black once again and Sami starts to give him CPR, bringing him back again. EJ attempts to stand up, but crumples in Sami's arms, after which the two kiss. Sami doesn't break away from them smooch or chalk it up to it being CPR. An ambulance arrives on the scene, along with the police, and the two head to the hospital. While at University Hospital, Sami figures out that EJ has no clue about the kiss.

She confides him about her mindset and how scared she was at the thought of losing him. Rafe shows up at the hospital and spots the two having a close moment, resulting in a huge fight between him and Sami. Rafe wants to know if she still has feelings for EJ or not. Later, Rafe heads out of Salem after he gets a tip on Anna's whereabouts, while EJ invites Sami to move into the DiMera home. She agrees.

Hope: Another attack occurs on a Salemite and EJ's the victim. The perp is none other than Hope Williams Brady! A pill-headed Fancy Face partnered up with Dr. Baker after meeting him at a poker game. Hope came out victorious at a game, while Dr. Baker sucked at poker, just as much as he sucks at baby-swapping. Hope has him attacking folks and lets Dr. B know that EJ's next on their list. A horrified Dr. Baker shoots down Hope's plan, since he knows full well that the DiMeras aren't anyone to mess around with, but Hope lets him know that he's going to go stick with their plan.

EJ spots Dr. Baker, prompting him to make tracks and forcing Hope to take matters into her own hands. Hope knocks EJ out while Dr. Baker swipes EJ's ATM card. EJ regains consciousness and is clueless about what occurred. Hope is also clueless, since she's under the influence of the pills. The ironic twist is, Hope leads up the investigation and runs into Dr. Baker, of whom she has no memory, leaving them both puzzled. Meanwhile, Hope gets information on EJ's account being wiped out and both she and EJ believe that Nicole's the culprit. Later, a pill-popping Hope meets up with Dr. Baker.

Madeline: It seems like Chad's mama knows Stefano and Kate from way back, like four flats on a Cadillac. Madeline gets wind of Chad heading over to the DiMeras for a study group and isn't trying to hear that! She informs her son that she doesn't want him to go over to the house and claims that the DiMeras being well-known criminals is the reason. Later, Madeline meets with Kate and tells her to stay clear of Chad and herself or she will let everyone know all about Kate's secret.

A nervous Kate tells Stefano about her run-in with Madeline and he decides to have a chat with the judge. Stefano makes it clear he doesn't like it and doesn't want Madeline to threaten his wife. Madeline is steadfast in her warnings, but deep down is a bit nervous taking on the Phoenix, since he's not one to play with.