Win a SIGNED Copy of Laura Bell Bundy's Smash CD, Achin' and Shakin'!


Hey Guiding Light lovers and country music fans, here's your chance to win a free, autographed copy of Laura Bell Bundy's (ex-Marah Lewis) chart-busting CD Achin' and Shakin'. The teen soap starlet-turned-Broadway stand out-turned country music phenom's sultry, fun double disc made it's debut at Number 5 on the Billboard Country Album's chart!


I tell you what, It's hard for me to pick which addictive track is my favorite. Right now I'm leaning towards the uptempo smash "Giddy On Up", but the powerful "I Curse The Bed" definitely tugs on the old heartstrings. (Check back this weekend for a full review!) So without further ado, here's how you can win the CD. The first person who emails (tips @ daytimeconfidential .com) the correct answers to the five questions below, will cause me to truck on over to my post office and mail them a copy of Achin' and Shakin', with a booklet signed by the multi-talented star herself! The first four runners-up will also get a free copy of the CD, but, sorry, it won't have LBB's jane hancock on it. Check out the questions, and a clip from LBB's stint as the best Marah GL ever had, after the jump!

1.)  We all know that Marah Shayne Lewis turned out to be the daughter of one Joshua "Bud" Lewis (Robert Newman), but for a time, who was suspected to have sired Reva "The Slut of Springfield" Shayne's (Kim Zimmer) daughter?

2.) Marah is named after her two grandmothers. What were their names?

3.) How many brothers does Marah have? Can you name them?

4.) During Laura Bell's stint as Marah, the character was caught up in a tempestuous love triangle between the younger brother of her wicked stepmother Olivia Spencer (Crystal Chappell) and the cousin of Danny Santos (Paul Anthony Stewart). What were the names of the two boys who lusted after a nubile Ms. Lewis? Who portrayed them? Only the original is required for Danny's cousin.

5.) LBB isn't the only alum of GL's late 90's/early 00's teen scene who went on to mainstream success. Name the actress who played the role of Marah's tween niece/partner-in-crime Susan LeMay, before going on to impressive turns in such series as American Dreams and Nip/Tuck

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