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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Dante needs a better security system, or a lock on that elevator because apparently anyone and the federal prosecutor can walk in there, have a conversation, make themselves a roast beef sandwhich, wave a gun around and roast marshmallows on the fireplace. 

How contrived was that end scene, where Lulu, leaves Michael alone in her appartment, to go and meet Dante at his place for a 32-second conversation, just to have them turn around and go back to her place, to shockingly find Micheal gone.  Sheesh!

Is it just me, or did anyone else see Carly roll her eyes at Jax when he brought up MIcheal's shooting, during their 98,456 argument about how evil Jax is?  Clearly she has forgotten the horror of seeing her son lying in a coma with a bullet in his head. 

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Good Olivia/Carly scene. Carly admitting that she doesn't want to lose Jax, but that she's not willing to back down. Olivia telling Carly that in the grand scheme of things, Jax is a good man and not to throw him to the wolves for the sake of the almighty Sonny was the best advice anyone has given Carly in a long time. I loved that Carly admitted Michael wouldn't likely care if she and Jax break up, but that it would be heartbreaking for Morgan, since Jax is more his father than Sonny, something we fans have been saying since before Morgan was SORASed.

Nice Dante/Sonny exchange. Very rarely do I enjoy a Sonny scene, but this was a good one, well-written and well acted on both their parts.  Sonny holding on with every last shred to the lie that he's the one who killed Claudia, right up until Dante told him about the bloody shirt; Dante being conflicted as to what to do with the knowledge he now has, good stuff.

I don't understand how Skye could have gone through all of her own money and Lorenzo's money so quickly that she's back, looking for the rest of it. Seems like an awfully odd story to bring Robin Christopher back for. Luke, stop leering all over Skye's boobs!

Hated the Spixie scene, with Spinelli trying to justify how he didn't say a word when SaSon were plotting to kill Dante and Lulu was worried about him.  That crap about letting things happen was a load of crap. I am seriously starting to hate The Jackal.  I'm just thankful Maxie kept her mouth shut for five minutes, not that it mattered since Michael left all on his own.

Who's wants to guess who MIchael was on the phone with Morgan?  Kristina?  Sam?  My money's on Kristina.