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Jillian's Y&R Spoilers!


Lauren/Sarah: The ladies have a confrontation.

Jana: She has a health crisis.

Victor: He cops to snuffing out Adam. Michael attempts to reason with Victor regarding his confession, but the Black Knight isn't trying to hear what his counsel has to say. Nick also tries to convince his dad not to take the fall, but Victor's not to be swayed. In Victor's mind, he feels everything leading up to Adam's death is all his fault and he should take responsibility. Meanwhile, Phyllis tells Nick and Sharon she believes Victor is the killer.

Victor explains to Owen and Chance in great details how he killed Adam. Chance isn't buying what Victor's selling and neither is Nick. Det. Chancellor ups the ante and arrests father AND son for Adam's death leaving both Phyllis and Sharon in shock. The rivals come to the conclusion that Victor needs to take the rap instead of Nick since their man has young children who need him. Owen is still hellbent on finding Adam's real killer and marches on with the investigation.

Amber: She has to decide between Little D or Daniel.

Chance: He gets a break in Adam's case.

Jana/Lauren: The sister-in-laws set a fire to their cage so the smoke can alert someone to investigate. Ryder comes on the scene and puts the fire out and binnds and gags them to the cage. Sarah and Patty plot to kill Michael and Phyllis so they can get what they want. Sarah uses Patty's insecurities about Jack and her hospital privileges to keep her right under her thumb. She keeps on mentioning Jack and Phyllis hitting the sack last year.

Meanwhile, Ryder's busted for the zoo fire and is brought to the police station where Michael has a showdown with him regarding Lauren. He wants to know what information Ryder has on "Lauren" acting weird. Meanwhile, Sarah finds out Kevin and Michael are going to grill Ryder on their spouses, so she sends Daisy down to the police station to put the breaks on it. Sarah calls Patty to let her know the double-murder plan is on.

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Malcolm: He has some shocking revelations coming to light and a plan that hasn't been seen as yet. Could it involve a presumed dead Drucilla?

Cane/Lily: The Ashbys will be focusing on the arrival of their twins even though they've had some road blocks. Y&R anticipates viewers to be touched—and I don't mean by an angel— by the road these two go down. Their lives, as well as others, will be greatly affected.

Tucker/Ashley/Neil: The rebel billionaire's determined to  have Ms. Abbott for himself, and he's not going to let anything get in his way. Neil and Ashley's relationship will hit a snag due to Tucker's manipulations. Ashley will get a glimpse of a Tucker no one's seen.

Abby: Expect to see a young, hip and thrilling version of the Newman/Abbott heiress when Marcy Rylan assumes the role next week. Some of the things Abby will get herself involved with will be taken straight from items on the celeb gossip blogs. Think: Kim Kardashian meets Paris Hilton.

Billy/Victoria: Watch for this Romeo and Juliet saga to intensify. Both Billy and Victoria weren't trying to start up a new relationship, but are shocked to find themselves headed for one that neither of their families want to see happen.These two will face many trials and tribulations.

Kevin/Jana: Once the Fishers are reunited things aren't the same for Jana. Her relationship with Kevin is in jeopardy.

Sarah/Patty: The doubles and their murder plan will have twist and turns they never anticipated.

Scenes from a Genoa City Marriage: Some marital unions will be on the rocks next week on Y&R. One couple's relationship won't survive.

Adam: He's still taunting the Newmans from beyond the grave (or is he?).