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Jillian's B&B Spoilers!

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Bridget/Owen/Jackie: The DNA results are in and Owen's the proud papa. Jackie is crushed to learn about the pair's tryst and requests Bridget deny Owen is the father. Jackie wants to see how dedicated Owen is to their marriage but breathes a sigh of relief when she sees both he and Bridget interacting. Jackie sees how much her husband loves her and demands Bridget keep mum on her affair with Owen.

Agnes: She fights to keep hidden Owen and Bridget's romp as she sees how happy Nick is on becoming a father. Agnes decides to find a way to snag Nick.

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Donna/Eric/Stephanie: Bill keeps the pressure on Donna to have Stephanie blamed for her mother's death. He helps Donna complete her list for Eric in order to hang onto their marriage. Eric shoots down some of Donna's demands, she walks out on him. Stephanie swoops in to offer solace to Eric. The two start to take a trip down memory lane regarding their relationship.

Ridge: He comes back from Europe and Brooke fills him in on what happened while he was away.

Oliver/Hope: The two get closer.

Whip/Taylor: They get down and dirty in the steam room.