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All My Children Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop!


LOVE, Love, love David and Greenlee in front of the fire! She was starting to get on my last nerve with her repetitive dialogue but these two coming together FINALLY had me cheering. Will Mr. and Mrs. Hayward be a force that Pine Valley won’t see coming? Greens laid down the law with Madison, forbidding her to moonlight as a cocktail waitress at Ryan’s casino. What will David do with the info when he finds Madison still serving drinks? Will Madison become David’s puppet? He definitely gets some dirt on her.

Speaking of Madison… Ryan is becoming her white knight right before our eyes. Can we get something new for Ryan Lavery? Please? Been there, done that, a million times over. Ryan rides his horse to Madison’s rescue when he learns she’s late on her rent and about to be evicted.

Will Damon FINALLY find out he’s Tad’s son? Yep! At first, I liked Damon and Tad but this whole “let’s drag out the reveal to Damon” nonsense is starting to get on my nerves. Tad finally gets a message from Hillary; at least that’s who he thinks sent the text. She wants to meet, but when Tad gets to the hotel she’s supposed to be at, it’s Paul, Damon’s father waiting for him. Tad takes Paul to see Damon who gets more than an eyeful of his “son” making out with Colby. An insulting remark is thrown Damon’s way and Tad is not happy that the man who raised his kid treats him this way.

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Damon and Colby take off with a couple cans of beer… Liza is less than thrilled when she finds the pair together. Does Damon find out about his true paternity from Liza’s lips? While scolding her daughter, Liza tells Colby that Tad is Damon’s father and in true soap fashion, Damon overhears. Damon will confront Liza over what she told Colby. She tells him that Tad is his father.

Everyone knows who AmandaFan is, right? Jake and Amanda go to Jesse about the stalker and they come up with a plan. A “set up” fan club meeting at Fusion with hopes that AmandaFan will show up.

Annie and JR… How much hotter can these two get? Here’s a crazy one for you guys, Annie is becoming a voyeur! She “spies on” Marissa and JR when they hit the sheets. Does JR have more tricks up his sleeve? Will Annie try to win the Chandler Mansion in the divorce?

CRAZY and RANDOM… Scott covers when the divorce papers arrive citing infidelity. David plays with Angie and Jesse. JR is still fighting his feelings for Annie. Amanda and her stalker meet. Erica tells Jackson they can’t be together. Tad tries to get Damon to forgive him, but Damon refuses. Will Marissa push Annie to the limit? Does JR confess to his wife? Tad tells JR that secrets always have a way of coming out. Jesse suspends Brot for punching a fellow officer who posts Natalia's pictures all over the station. Jake wants Natalia to be Amanda's guard.