General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Has anyone else noticed that Chad Duell looks a lot like Michael Bublé?  I didn't notice the first couple of days because I was focused on seeing him as Michael Corinthos, but today, in the scenes with Kristina, I couldn't help but see a resemblance.  Maybe it's just the new haircut.

Good Kristina/Michael scene.  I didn't really feel much of a brother/sister vibe between them yet, but I'm sure that will come with time.  I'm not happy that her only concern is that he doesn't confess and leave her.  Yeah, continue to feel guilty about what you've done, but don't do the right thing and tell the truth because your sister has crazy problems.  Ahh, poor Kristina –  I'm never sure if I should hate her or feel bad for her.

CarJax:  It was good of Morgan, the twelve year old, to put them in their places and tell them to stop acting like children trying to have their way, and start acting like responsible adults and parents.  It was sweet, later on, to see them playing the board game with Josslyn there.

Luke/Skye/Tracy:  I wish Skye was back for a more interesting story than wanting to find Lorenzo's hidden money.  And why turn to Luke, when she could make one phone call to Spinelli and he'd probably find it for her?  I really don't want to listen to Tracy screeching at Skye and threatening Luke with divorce several times a week.

I like seeing LIz happy, but why do I get the terrible feeling that she's going to become very attached to Shirley, only to have Shirley die?

It was good of Dante to call in Lucky to tell him about the Michael situation and get Lucky's perspective on it.  It would be fun to see them working together, trying to find Michael before CarSaSon does.

I hate that Jason thinks that everyone should think and do as he does. 

Stupid line of the day:

Jason: "So Lulu chose Dante over Michael."  You mean, she chose the law over helping three idiots continue to break it

Sonny/Alexis:  Once again, Sonny proves he just doesn't get it.  His solution to Alexis' problem – just kill Warren Bauer.  Like no one will suspect that he killed the father of the kid who was beating up his daughter.  And that won't mess with Kristina's head even more.  I was so hoping Alexis would smack him upside the head. 

Sonny: "Sometimes violence is the only way."

Alexis: "I'm sure that's what Kiefer was thinking just before he hit Kristina."