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Y&R's Peter Bergman on How Second Doppelganger Story Undermines Stacy Haiduk

TV Guide Magazine
's Michael Logan sat down with Peter Bergman to discuss his character Jack Abbott finally catching a clue about Patty (Stacy Haiduk) pretending to be Emily (also Stacy Haiduk) next week on The Young and the Restless(Would that TPTB catch one).Apparently fans of the sudser aren't the only ones who believe adding a second lookalike storyline was beyond overkill.


This is the second nip/tuck lookalike plot on Y&R right now.

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It has never been my favorite plot device but to the ever-loving credit of Stacy Haiduk [Patty/Emily] she has made it absolutely winning. She has gone to every limit, and has been incredibly brave. I think she has been strongly undermined by having a second character in Genoa City with the same kind of plastic surgery, and this is no reflection on Tracey Bregman [who plays doppelgangers Lauren and Sarah]. I perhaps flatter myself but I think the audience did roll with the Patty/Emily story. Then we had to sully it by trying it a second time.

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