General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


The Nikolas/Patrick scene was excellent today, with the meeting in the park.  Finally an Emma sighting! It was good to having Emma and Spencer playing together.  With Nikolas asking for parenting advice and Patrick giving whatever words of wisdom he had, the scene was well written and well played on both their parts.  I could have lived without Nik's obsession without Liz coming up, but that's really just a small thing.

Great Alexis/Kristina scene, with Alexis asking hard questions about Kristina's relationship with Keifer, such as why she agreed to have sex with him and why she would stay with someone that hit her.  Kristina, who at first started crying and I thought would balk at answering any of her questions, finally opened up and told Alexis a lot of what happened, what she was thinking and feeling.  Kudos to both Nancy Lee Grahn and Lexi Ainsworth in that scene, especially the ad-lib of wiping each others tears, only to have Kristina smear Alexis' make up and them laughing about it.

The Kristina/Sonny scene was also excellent.  Again, I liked that she explained to her father some of her feelings for Kiefer and why she stayed with him.  And this time, Sonny's story of abuse was used more to help Kristina see the similarities in their situations.

I liked the Maya/Michael scene and how, despite her goody two-shoes vibe, she was willing to help him. 

I hated Carly going off on Lulu about Michael's whereabouts.  First off, Michael is an adult and if he chooses to tell his parents, he will. Which, in the end, he did.  Secondly, Sonny had no problem with Dante knowing the truth about Michael and taking care of the situation.  He basically put Michael in Dante's hands.  Plus, while Carly and Lulu are close, there's no doubt in my mind that if it came down to Jason or Lulu in trouble, Carly would save Jason every day and twice on Sunday.  Carly puts Jason over Jax every day, so why would she be surprised that Lulu would take Dante's side in all of this?  And it's not so much that Lulu is taking Dante's side versus Carly's side, it's just that Lulu doesn't think Michael should continue to run from the law.  And I agree with her there.

Why does the jury bother to take a vote?  Lisa says she believes Sonny acted in self-defense.  White haired guy yells at her.  Alice gets excited and calls for a vote.  They count the votes, find one 'not guilty' and the whole process begins again.  Just call a hung jury, get a mistrial and move on.