General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



I had mixed feelings about Claire today. I was not happy that she’s chosen to tamper with the jury by having Johnny go and talk with Lisa. And I was not happy when she walked in on Lante and broke up their cuteness, just to threaten Dante for not knowing Michael’s whereabouts. I did however, love, love, love her verbal smackdown of Carly. I’m always a fan of CarSaSon smackdowns, no matter who’s giving them, so this one was lovely.

Claire to Carly: “What kind of loving mother supports the man that got her son shot?”

Claire to Carly: “You put Sonny’s welfare above your kids every chance you get”

I love when characters tell people things I’d want to say.

Is it just me, or is Steven being a bit of a jerk towards Liz? I get that she went cuckoo for a couple of minutes and was making some work mistakes, but that seems behind her now. Yet he’s still following her around and questioning every move she makes.

I loved seeing adorable Emma again, for the second day in a row. I loved the beginning of that Scrubs scene, all of them a happy family. I loved that little Emma kept up her own chatter, forcing the adults to continue the scene despite her talking. I love that both Jason Thompson and Kimberly McCullough had no problems doing their scene and still managing to interact with the baby.

I laughed out loud when Michael nonchalantly walked through the park, right beside Scrubs. Dude, you’re supposed to be in hiding. Clearly all Carly has to do to find Michael is, you know, look for him. I hated that it turned into another fight between Patrick and Robin and hate Robin’s illogical need to protect Sonny, because he was nice to her years ago.

Helena’s a crazy grandmother!

Interesting that Carly goes to Olivia, begging her to help find Michael. If Michael wanted to be found, he’d show up at his mother’s door. He has no problem going to the boathouse, going through the park, or going to Kristina’s. Carly needs to stop disrespecting Michael’s wishes, which are clearly not to stay in hiding.