All My Children Spoilers!


Here’s the Scoop!


David has plans for Madison… what are they? He wants her to make the moves on Ryan so he stays away from Mrs. Greenlee Hayward. Does Madison think it was David who saved her from eviction? Yep! Too bad for David that while he stepped on Ryan’s white knight toes where Madison was concerned, Ryan was playing white knight for Greenlee who needs help with her new Fusion line. There is a problem with the packaging and Ryan has a way to fix it. Will Greenlee let Ryan ride to the rescue? His services come with a price though. Ryan wants Greenlee to retract all that she said about Kendall on the witness stand. At first, Greens refuses, but she can’t resist and buys them both airfare Rio. Who else refuses? Madison. She tries to reject David’s orders. Thinking he has a great plan to keep Ryan away from his wife, David’s mood is elevated only to have it crushed when he finds out about the impromptu business trip. Greenlee assures her hubby she’s committed to their marriage and Ryan tells David he hasn’t given up on his lady love.

Speaking of not giving up… Annie is not giving up on JR! Frustrated with his soon to be ex-step mom, JR decides to buy a new house for himself, Marissa and AJ. Annie is not happy when JR makes the announcement. What stops Annie from spilling the beans to Marissa?

Scott is at the helm of Chandler Enterprises! Yep, Scott is the one handed the reigns over JR. Annie can’t hide her glee over this. The heat between Annie and JR is still burning hot and the pair has plans to meet at a hotel. Is Marissa starting to suspect something? Watch out Annie, JR is going to drug you! He calls Scott to take care of a “barely conscious” Annie and decides to tell Marissa the truth. JR confesses to Marissa that he slept with Annie. Watch out JR, your life is crumbling around you. Marissa walks out, leaving her wedding ring behind.

I admit I am not a fan of Natalia… I’m not a huge fan of Brot either. I just see them as expendable characters and the whole modeling storyline is boring me, to tears. I know quite a few of you like Natalia and she has a lot coming up with the whole AmandaFan mess. No one commented on who AmandaFan is and I assumed you all knew; it’s Janet from another planet. Thrilling entrance huh? It is somewhat true to character. Janet was always obsessed with her daughter and now is no exception. She wants to take Amanda and Trevor to Milan and manage Amanda’s budding modeling career herself. So stalking your own child is how you convince her of that? I’m sure in Janet’s mind though it wasn’t stalking. How will Janet explain knocking out Natalia who is there to protect Amanda and stuffing her in the closet? And why the need for a gun Janet? Jake and Brot ride into the ladies’ rescue. Natalia praises Brot for being a hero and gently urges that his suspension be forgotten.

David has more tricks up his sleeve and more people to toy with in Pine Valley. Jesse and Angie are definitely on his list. When the Hubbard’s run into the dastardly doctor and his attorney at the Yacht Club Jesse’s detective hat goes on as he tries to figure out what they are up to.

RANDOM and CRAZY… Madison is left with no choice and does David’s bidding. Colby and Liza don’t see eye to eye. Marissa has words for Scott. Madison puts the moves on Ryan. Will he fall for her? Will she tell him what’s really going on? Greenlee tells David how it is. Miracle Baby Alert… Greenlee is pregnant! Amanda is fearful of her future. Erica is willing to beat Greenlee at any cost.