General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



When is Carly going to stop screeching at everyone about how it’s all their fault for the mess her children’s lives have become? When is she going to take a long hard look in the mirror and realize and accept that this is all her doing? Hers. Jasons. And Sonnys.

Blame Dante for doing his job as a cop and getting Michael back into the country. Blame Lulu for not helping her break the law. Blame Olivia for not using Dante to give Carly information. Blame Jax for hiring Claire and for pushing Dante towards Sonny. Blame, blame, blame. She’s very good at it. But she’s not willing to blame the ones who really need it. When it comes to her and Jason, well, they made a mistake with the cover up and then it’s on to blame the next person. It’s what makes me hate her so much.

Stupid line of the day:

Carly to Jax: “If Michael ends up suffering because of you, I’ll never be able to forgive you.”

Don’t worry Jax, Sonny actually got Michael shot in the head, and she came around – in record time. Although you’re not the almighty Sonny, so maybe you do have something to worry about.

I loved that Alexis did the right thing by calling the police and then tried to explain to her brat of a daughter that she’d had enough of lies and cover ups.

I was surprised that Johnny told Olivia the truth about Michael and that Dante told Ronnie. Not that it mattered in the end, since Dante spilled the beans to the whole world. I loved the look on everyone's faces, including Claire’s, as that news settled in nicely.

Gotta love me some Dante! Let the rotten tomato throwing begin!