General Hospital Spoilers!


Here’s the Scoop!

Lucky vs. Jason! Is the love fest over? I hope so! A cop and a mobster should not be friends and if Jason wants to solve crimes then maybe he should consider changing his profession. Lucky turns Michael in and tells Jason this is what’s best for his cousin. Is it? When Jason calls in super lawyer Diane why is she kept away from her client?


Brother vs. Brother! Morgan questions Dante who assures his little brother he did the right thing by Michael. Dante is certain that Michael will walk away with no jail time. But will he?

Michael vs. Judge Carroll! They finally got him in the courtroom but it isn’t Claire asking the questions, its Judge Carroll. Will this be Chad Duell’stime to shine? Recounting how Claudia died and all the events that have transpired since then should be, right? Hopefully this will be his chance to make me eat my words as Michael testifies in front of a courtroom filled of his family. The Judge orders Michael to be put in jail until his sentence can be delivered at the end of the week. Both Carly and Sonny visit their son behind bars. Another time for Chad to shine or will Laura Wright simply outshine her new onscreen son? Before Judge Carroll hands down his decision Dante and Sonny speak on his behalf.

Dante vs. Jason? Olivia hopes not! She goes to Sonny asking him to promise that Jason and Sonny for that matter will leave Dante alone. Spinelli tells Jason that nothing good will come from him going after Dante.

Lulu vs. her Family… Watch out Lulu you only got a taste of your cousin. Carly is coming back for more as she accuses Lulu of going against her own family for a guy. Luke warns his daughter that standing by Dante may be a bumpy ride. With only each other to turn to, Dante and Lulu FINALLY hit the sheets! It’s about damn time! How far will Carly go to get pay backs on Dante and Lulu? Isn’t someone from Bensonhurst coming to town?

Jason and Jax vs. their Guilt…The situation with Michael is weighing heavily on both men. I sort of want to ask Jax what he expected when he started all this. He knew the truth going in and yet he still pushed hard for this murder trial even getting Claire as the prosecutor when he knew all along who really sent Claudia six feet deep. Will Skye offer her ex some advice? Another ex steps in to talk Jason off of guilt’s ledge. Jason and Robin fans here is another bone thrown your way as Robin reminds Jason about all the things he’s done for Michael. How far will Jason go to make things right by Michael? Some would say making a deal with the Z’s is going pretty far. But will Jason Morgan actually do something insane for Michael? I wonder Jason, why such lengths for Sonny’s kid when you won’t even acknowledge your own. How far will Jax go to make sure his family is safe? He’s going to try to adopt Morgan! Will the Sonny vs. Jax feud ever end?

Nikolas vs. Helena… These two aren’t battling it out per se but Helena is definitely playing mind games with her grandson and the more she can get Nikolas to turn against Lucky the better. Will Lucky’s suggestion of Nikolas running psycho granny out of town piss the Prince off? Who is Helena kidnapping now? Someone is getting too close to knowing the truth about Elizabeth’s baby and that will not do for Hells. This PC resident may find herself in Helena’s clutches.

CRAZY and RANDOM… Elizabeth still hopes for a future with Lucky. Kate finds closure with Sonny (Really? A little late aren’t we?). Robin has memories of Stone and Jason; Patrick is less than thrilled. Kristina and Alexis have an unpleasant encounter with Mrs. Bauer. All charges are dropped against Alexis and the Bauer’s sue her civilly for wrongful death. Johnny is still going after Sonny. Helena makes a move against Tracy. Is Tracy the one who knows the truth about the paternity test?