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One Life to Live Spoilers!

I’m filling in for Mel for a little bit so…Here’s the Scoop!


Who thinks Hannah is lying? Starr sure does! Will John McBain also start to have doubts in Cole’s classmate? Watch it Hannah, Todd Manning is not someone you want to mess with, and I’m pretty sure when the two of you come face to face, he’s going to come out the winner.

What will this do to Starr and Cole? She believes her dad and he believes Hannah, not to mention the whole beating Todd to his almost death thing. Starr will be there for Cole’s arraignment, which does not go in his favor. John is convinced that Todd paid off the judge. Despite all that is between them, Starr professes her love to Cole as he is taken back to jail. Will they make it to the prom?

Dani… Todd’s younger daughter is getting a gut check in the bio-daddy department. Despite hating him, she definitely wasn’t ready for him to meet his Maker. Now that he’s been arrested for pushing Marty down the stairs how will Danielle feel? She’s conflicted to say the least, especially over Tea’s decision to defend Todd. Tea has her reasons for wanting Todd to be a free man.

Tea is not long for Llanview… Greg has some bad news for the attorney and from how I understand it, this news MAY be taking her out of town for treatment she can’t get in Llanview. Exit story? RUMOR has it that Tea has an inoperable brain tumor, too much for Dr. Evans to handle and Tea knows that Danielle is going to need her father whether she likes him or not. Will Tea’s health change an enemy to a friend?

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Blair just can’t help herself. She’s left alone in Dr. Evans’s office and takes a peek at Tea’s medical file. What she sees is not what she expects. Eli wants to know why Blair has Tea’s medical records and she makes him promise not tell what she’s about to tell him. Blair asks Tea to meet her at Dorian’s where she tells her all she wants to do is help. Will Tea tell Todd?

Blair seems to be making up with all her enemies. Kelly once again apologizes to her cousin for causing her miscarriage. Who’s this Reed guy in town to see Kelly? The two remember some good times and share a kiss.

Will we EVER find out who Rex’s daddy is? Now we have to find his mommy too? I’m pretty sure every OLTL fan wants his dad to be Bo, right? I know I do! Did anyone else get the feeling that the necklace looked familiar to the Police Commissioner? Well as Rex and Gigi get closer they head to New Mexico after Rex gets a lead. Before they leave Llanview though, Rex explains to Shane what’s going on and that Roxy will always be his grandma no matter what a DNA test says. In New Mexico, Rex and Gigi find the shop where the necklace was made and get closer to some answers.

Prom is coming up… Who’s going with whom? Darren will be Destiny’s date. Danielle and Matthew will go together after Dani overhears Nate asking Whitney. Brody will escort Jessica to the prom.

RANDOM and CRAZY… Roxy thinks Natty should fight for Johnny McBain. Layla is ready to fight with Jessica. Will Blair tell Tea’s secret to Todd? She’s really torn up over what’s going on with Tea. Cole starts to doubt his relationship with Starr. John and Marty mourn over their lost child. Langston’s guilt keeps eating at her. Will she make a choice? The Musical kicks off on the 14th!