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Victoria Rowell Speaks Out on "Difficult" Label

Secrets of a Soap Opera Diva author Victoria Rowell has spoken out in an interview with TV Guide Canada about what she thinks about being called "difficult" by her former Young and Restless costars.


TVG: The word difficult has been bandied about when your former co-stars describe you.

VR: Let’s examine the word difficult, shall we? The word difficult is often misconstrued — along with all the other “isms.” Apparently being desirous, fly, fearless, classy, intriguing, and having direction is synonymous with being difficult. When you personify these character traits and strengths, as I do, you are deemed difficult because I reflect what a lot of people lack. I’m a businessperson, and let’s remember that this is show business. When you reflect that you care about the whole production — not just your scenes, but that you care about an actor looking like yesterday’s news because there is no one to do their hair and their wig is on sideways, that you care enough to bring these issues to production, that you care enough to discuss equality even before your scenes begin, that other people are looking to you for leadership because of your tenure — apparently, that amounts to being difficult instead of being a team player. When those things are on my plate before the director yells, “5-4-3-2-1-action,” the easy answer, the easy aspersion is to label someone difficult because what else can you say to try to discredit the person who is doing things far beyond that person’s myopic imagination? If someone wants to deem me as difficult, I deem him or her as dizzy.

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