General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Dante, Dante, Dante, what a mess your life has become.

I loved the recounting of the events of the night that Claudia died, as seen through Michael’s eyes, to Lucky and through Dante’s eyes to the judge. Well done with the back and forth.

I loved that Lucky was smart enough to know exactly where Michael was in minutes, but Jason had to run all the way to Alexis’ house to get the info from two kids. I hated that Jason would be allowed to tell those girls the garbage that he was spewing. Dante is a cop = bad, so tell Jason = good, where Michael is. Shut it Jason.

I loved that Lucky listened to Michael, didn’t judge, but then told him he was forced to bring Michael in.

I loved, loved, loved that when Jason showed up to steal Michael, Lucky whipped out his gun to stop him. What’s Jason going to do now? Try to convince Lucky that he’s a bad cop who’s betraying Carly, Jason and Sonny?

I loved the judge telling both lawyers to shut it and actually listening to the story Dante told. I was disappointed that the judge didn’t take the story at face value.

I loved that the judge hauled Carly’s lying butt up there. I was really disappointed, though, that Carly didn’t tell the truth, but lied again and that the judge didn’t see right through it.

Line of the day:

Judge: Let’s swear this witness in again, bailiff. Apparently the first time didn’t take.

I call baloney on that crap that Carly was spewing about Michael seeing therapists and counselors. They certainly never showed us or told us that at any time, so I think she cooked that up, in case she needed it.

I was really hoping Jax would buy himself a pair of balls, stand up during Carly’s lies and claim that she was lying because he knew the truth. I mean, Carly already blames him for everything, so I’d rather he go out with the truth than to be a part of the cover up.

I hated that Carly attacked Lulu again and made it all about her. “You betrayed me”. I hated that Sonny attacked Dante and made it about him. “You want to destroy me.” Hey guys, maybe it’s not about you, but about the truth and the law and the fact that your son desperately wants and needs help.