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Check Out Trailer for Generation U, From The Creator of WORKSHOP!


From the mind of Nate Golon, co-creator of the smart, funny web dramedy WORKSHOP comes Generation U, a soapy new project, dealing with how the current U.S. economic crisis and rampant unemployment affects a group of twentysomethings.

"Generation U is the story of four Americans struggling with the reality of our country's unemployment situation," says Golon, who in additon to writing and producing the pilot for Generation U, stars in the vehicle. "It's about what happens when the things you're raised to do, and told to be, no longer exist."

While Golon initially created Generation U as a series pilot, he says there is now interest in him doing the project as a feature film.

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"There is a distinct possibility that the project will be developed into a feature film. If that happens, the current Generation U pilot may never see the light of day. If the project stays a web series, then the series will air later this summer."

Although the hilarious WORKSHOP (Which currently has several TV networks interested in it) also deals with young people struggling in SoCal, Generation U is a more far-reaching, darker glimpse into characters experiencing quarter life crises, during the worst ecomonic downturn since the Great Depression.

"I am extremely interested in the world we live in today," says Golon. " With WORKSHOP I want to portray a realistic picture of what "living the dream" in Hollywood is really like for twentysomething actors, but with Generation U, I wanted to develop a project that would resonate with all people. Unemployment is something that so many people are dealing with right now. If you aren't unemployed, you probably know someone who is. Even though Generation U is told from the perspective of four twentysomethings, characters of all ages play a big part in the storytelling. My dream is for this concept to be universal."

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