General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


All right, I tried really, really, REALLY hard to be completely unbiased today – to do a column that did not lavish love on my faves and hatred on my hates. Well, okay, maybe a little love seeped in. I am human after all!

Carly tore a strip off of Lulu for Lulu’s “betrayal” of all things CarSaSon. Now, I get where Carly’s coming from. She has been there for Lulu and she’s not happy that Lulu sided with Dante. However, when she said that she’s been there for Lulu when Lulu needed to talk about her mother or her problems with Johnny, those things are all on the right side of the law. Carly was asking Lulu to help her continue to break the law by hiding Michael, and that’s where my problem comes from.

Sonny tore a strip off of Dante for betraying him. Dante tried to explain to Sonny that he wasn’t betraying Sonny so much as he was trying to help Michael and make sure that Michael doesn’t grow up to be Sonny. Now, I’m not saying it’s Dante’s place to decide who Michael does or doesn’t grow up to be, but I, for one, would be happy if Michael grew up into a moral, law-abiding citizen. So I’m on Dante’s side on that one.

Jason tries again to convince Lucky to hand Michael over to him. Lucky tells Jason to stop living Michael’s life for him and I applaud Lucky for that one. Lucky brings Michael into the PCPD where Diane tries to get her hooks into him. Mac prevents that and reads Michael his rights, then Lucky takes him to booking.

Sam shows up at the PCPD to wring her hands and declare Jason the greatest of all time. Sorry, don’t mean to slag Sam, but what was the point of her showing up today? Although I will point out that there’s a lot of similarity between JaSam right now and how some people feel Lante‘s relationship is.

Kristina, Molly and Morgan, upset over Dante’s confession about Michael, high-tail it to the courthouse to confront him. Dante assures them that everything will be all right, which in soap world really means that it won’t.

Judge Carroll hauls Lucky into his chambers and asks if Lucky placed Michael under arrest when he found him. Lucky says no and the judge asks Lucky's opinion about Michael’s situation. Lucky tries hard to defend his cousin’s actions.

Johnny reminds Olivia that SaSon will likely punish Dante for telling the truth and Olivia runs to Sonny to beg him to spare their son’s life.

Sonny confronts Lulu and declares that she’s not the person he thought she was. Here’s where my unbiasedness comes to an end and I declare Sonny a giant douchebag.