TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan Reveals Best Drama Submission Reels

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TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan weighs in on the Best Drama Daytime Emmy submissions in his latest column. Check out what Logan has to say about General Hospital's fantastic Carnival reel:


The likeliest nominees: General Hospital, which puts all other soaps to shame with its artistry and sophistication, chose the epic, spectacularly-produced car crash at the Carnival of Doom. I’ve been covering soaps since the Big Bang and I’ve never seen anything like it. And last year’s winner, The Bold and the Beautiful, could easily make it two in a row with the death of Ann, the mean-ass matriarch played by Betty White. This is glorious and profound work that plays beautifully even if you don’t know B&B, and it might well bring White a supporting nod. The world knows she’s a comedy legend. B&B fans know she’s one hell of a drama queen.

What he said. For more on which soap submitted what, click here.