General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Performer of the day goes to Chad Duell, with runner up status going to the judge and to Laura Wright.  I may not like Carly or some of the stuff she does, but Laura Wright is rocking her stuff.

The judge asks MIchael to explain what happened the night Claudia died and Michael goes through the whole story truthfully, and so emotionally that I find myself in tears by the end of it.  When it's all said and done, the judge asks one last question. Did Michael intend to kill Claudia when he came flying through the door with the ax? Michael's answer was that he didn't care what happened to Claudia and I think that will be his downfall.  If he had shown the same remorse that we saw from him when he broke into tears for Carly, telling her over and over again that he never meant for Claudia to die, then I think the judge would have understood that he's just a child who was protecting his family.  But I think the judge will sentence him more harshly because that one sentence made it seem more manslaughter than justifiable homicide.

The judge has Michael arrested and sent out to be booked.  He then admonishes the entire remainder of the courtroom in a speech so lovely, I wished I had been able to get it all down.  He told Sonny and Carly that they commited perjury and may face charges.  The same for Diane and Claire, although Claire got an added bonus of possible job loss if it's discovered that she knew all along that Sonny was innocent.  Then he threw everyone out on their kiester.  It was a beautiful scene, well written and well acted by Dakin Matthews.

Olivia again begs Sonny not to have her son killed and reminds Sonny that he will not be winning father of the year awards anytime soon.  Johnny reminds Olivia that he's going to bring Sonny down or die trying.

Carly screams at Lulu again about her lack of familial support, and her loyalty towards a man. This time, however, Tracy's there to witness it and Tracy comes to Lulu's defense, reminding Carly that she's put her loyalty to a man over others many times.  And I applaud Tracy.

Tracy to Carly: "Why are you blaming Lulu for a situation you created?  What do you expect when Michael's father is a mob kingpin.  You are the one that chose to marry Sonny.  You are the one who allowed him to adopt Michael.  Given the hell you have unleashed in the name of loyalty to Sonny Corinthos, you have no right to criticize Lulu."

Spinelli, after initially making me angry with a comment about Dante being hard hearted and deceitful (heaven forbid a police officer do his job and tell the truth), then tears a strip off of Jason for considering killing Dante. 

Spinelli to Jason: "Haven't we learned by now that violence in the wake of violence only perpetuates that tragic cycle?"

Dante helps Michael through the booking process and after a brief, but very emotional, visit with Carly, Michael is put in a cell. Sonny visits and Michael tells him that he'll be proud of him. I wonder what father should be proud that his 18-year-old is doing time.