Jillian's B&B May Sweeps Spoilers!


Stephanie/Steffy/Logans: Grandma and granddaughter team up to take down the Logans. Watch for the duo to be fierce allies when they are hell-bent on kicking the Logan clan out of Forrester Creations. The Stephanies may have a serious roadblock in the name of Bill Spencer.

Nick/Bridget/Owen/Jackie: Bridget feels guilty everyday with the truth regarding her baby's paternity. She wants to tell Nick about her affair with Owen and he being the father but is keeping mum for Jackie's sake. Meanwhile, Aggie's watching everything going on and is using it to her advantage to snag Nick all for herself.

Steffy/Oliver/Hope: Mr. Jones is head over heels for Hope but Steffy's not backing down with her seduction to have him all to herself. Steffy is interested in Oliver as a means to crush Hope, leaving viewers to wonder if she will win the war with Hope.

Stephanie/Eric/Donna/Justin: Stephanie's drawn her line in the sand about wanting Eric back and is going after him with both barrels. Since Eric defended Stephanie after Beth's death, he and Donna have a huge divide between them. Stephanie's using this to her advantage and Eric's falling for it hook, line and sinker. Meanwhile, Justin may just swoop in and be there for Donna.