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Jillian's DAYS Spoilers!


Sorry for the delay kids! Contract negotiations are upon us at DC.

Victor/Philip: Father and son decide to stop the war between each other.

Arianna: She figures out she has a problem.

EJ/Sami: The duo starts to become tight. Later, Sami lets EJ know, he's irreplaceable.

Victor/Maggie: The two get closer after Maggie passes out in Victor's arms.

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Melanie: She gets concerned about her father. Meanwhile, she talks to Nathan and warns him to slow his relationship down.

Hope: She and Dr. Baker mug Brady. She leaves a brand on him of a Celtic symbol that signifies the goddess of female inspiration. Dr. Baker boogies with Brady's money clip while Hope heads back home. She takes another sleeping pill and hits the sack. The next morning, Hope wakes up and her room looks likes a tornado hit it. Her makeup is all over the place and she grills Ciara about it, not realizing when she came back home she made the mess.

The irony of the mugging? Fancy Face is asked to investigate the case! Victor doesn't want her to due to her gender and Hope's not happy about it. Hope starts to feel like she's not making any headway in the mugging cases and is hell-bent on solving them. Later, Roman presents her with the mark left on Brady and she realizes she knows it. Hope and Bo visited a store in Ireland with Big Shawn and came upon the same symbol on a necklace. A light bulb goes off in Hope's head and she figures out the attacker may be a woman.

Will: He has a showdown with Grandma Kate.

Kate/Sami: The bitter enemies have a confrontation.

Philip: He hides his guilt.

Brady/Nicole: She tries to seduce the Kiriakis heir. Brady shuts her down and tosses Nicole out on her tail.

Victor/Vivian: They hover over Brady after his mugging.