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What a Day on GH!

What a day on GH, but am I eating my words? I know everyone else is giving Chad Duell (Michael Corinthos III) the requisite thirty days before they make their judgments; I’m apparently not that nice. I said I would give him some time and I readily admitted that I hoped to eat my words. I even fired up the DVR yesterday after my required time in the yard and despite my new trend of online soap watching to see if Mr. Duell did in fact make me eat my words. So did he?


It was quite the day on General Hospital. Judge Peter Carroll, played by Dakin Matthews, what a fantastic performance and Laura Wright’s(Carly) face had me on the edge of my seat. Steve Burton (Jason) did it once again with those eyes of his and I must say, the entire gallery of witnesses as Michael gave his testimony, even in their complete silence, was absolutely fantastic. Tracy (Jane Elliot) coming to Lulu’s (Julie Marie Berman) defense was Emmy worthy.

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Did I find Chad just as fantastic? Well I was eating my Lamb Burger but I was not eating my words along with it. Was he terrible? No. Was I on the edge of my seat? No. I will readily admit that it is difficult for me to not compare Mr. Duell to Drew Garrett (Michael Corithos III, 2.0 ) however; I desperately tried during yesterday’s scenes. I kept reminding myself to let Drew go and focus on Chad. The nervousness definitely came through; however, I felt that I was witnessing Chad’s nervousness more than Michael’s. The recounting of Claudia’s death and everything that happened that night was just that, a recounting of events that, for me, lacked the emotion I was hoping to see from Duell. I was so ready to see this spark come out of him to validate why he was chosen and Drew was let go. I just didn’t see it. I was searching for it. I hope he improves, I really do. With Dylan Cash (Michael Corinthos III, 1.0 ) in the role, I expected to see him grow up as Michael ala Kimberly McCullough (Robin). When they recasted with Drew, I fell in love with character even with all his flaws as Garrett took this character and put him on the map more than a bullet wound to the head ever did. I guess I’m struggling with going from fantastic to just OK.

Special kudos to Aaron Refvem (Morgan) for his fantastic scences opposite Laura Wright at the end of the episode. It's always good to go out on a high note.