General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



After the intensity of the past few days, today's episode was rather tame by comparison.  I was happy, however, to be given a break from Sonny and Carly.

Lulu and Dante spend the evening together, cooking, eating and cleaning up dinner.  As Lulu gets ready to leave, Dante asks her to spend the night.  As a fan of this couple, who has been anticipating their first time together, I've got to say that I was a little bit disapointed.  Maybe it's because it happened after the whole fall out with Michael, which didn't seem right.  They should have had their first time together weeks ago, when it would have just been about the two of them, without anything else hanging over their heads.  I did find the scenes a little more risque than we're used to.

Jason visits Michael in jail, and tells Michael to envision happier times to help him deal with the stress of being in prison.  Michael tells Jason that he didn't realize what would happen once he confessed, and I call shenanigans on that.  Michael is smart enough and has had months to understand what would happen once he told the truth.

Jason pays Robin a visit to cry on her shoulder about what went wrong with bringing a child into the mob world.  She tries to reassure him and he goes home to Sam and more reassurances.  Then when Patrick comes home, he and Robin both realize what they mean to each other, and I finally get a decent Scrubs scene.  I'm sure that will fall by the wayside as soon as Lisa's back in the picture. But for now, I guess I should be happy.

Johnny and Olivia continue to discuss his quest to take down Sonny, and I'm not sure why she's so passive about that plan.  If someone I was dating was actively discussing destroying another person, I think I'd have a problem with that. Johnny makes some sense in that he feels the need to avenge his sister since he didn't get a chance to do it while she was alive, and I do understand where he's coming from when he says that Sonny treated her like crap and essentially killed her.  I'm just not sure what he thinks he can accomplish.

Jax and Skye have lunch together and Jax changes history by making Claire the bad guy who wanted Sonny at all costs, forgetting his involvement in getting Claire into PC in the first place.  Skye urges Jax to fight for Carly and the kids. Jax pays Michael a visit and apologizes for his involvement in getting Michael into prison. 

The line of the day:

"It's only until Friday"