General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Helena was in rare form in this episode. She starts out fighting with Epiphany about the quality of care that Elizabeth will receive when she goes into labor. Then she sets her sights on Elizabeth herself, informing her that she should take time off before the birth. Lucky shows up and once again tells Helena to back off. Helena high-tails it to Windemere to stir the pot. She tells Nikolas that Lucky is sniffing around Liz, so that when Lucky shows up there himself, he and Nikolas argue about the whole thing. Helena’s master plan is working like a charm.

The unused closet door gets swung open, and out fall Mike and Kate. Mike heads over to Sonny’s to basically remind the viewers of everything Sonny has been through for the past six months, in case any of us have short-term memory loss.

Kate screams at Maxie for the millionth time, and for once I would have loved to see Maxie call her bluff about being fired. Kate then heads over for her own visit with Sonny. Sonny throws the overused “betrayal” out there and Kate claims the Dante secret wasn’t hers to tell.

Carly and nuMorgan show up to offer Michael some moral support before he’s due back in court. Carly spends most of that time bad-mouthing Dante, rather than taking the high road for the sake of her children.

Not sure how I feel about nuMorgan at this point. I’m hoping it’s only a temporary recast. When the scene first opened, the voice-over guy said, “the part of Morgan is being played…” rather than “now being played”. It’s a fine distinction, but I wonder if it means real Morgan will be back once his other job is done.

Skye takes a suspicious Maya out for lunch and confesses that Edward put her up to it. Tracy shows up and gives me the funny line of the day:

“Oh look, a grifter’s convention”

Then Tracy overhears part of Helena’s conversation with manservant Thor about the baby’s paternity and gets suspicious. And I say Helena should be more careful when she’s throwing secrets around in a public place.

Lante enjoy their morning after until reality sets in, in the form of Lucky, who shows up looking for Lulu on behalf of Maxie. While Lulu heads off to work, Dante heads over to the PCPD for a quick chat with Michael. Then he goes back to his apartment, where Sonny has broken in and is waiting for him. Can’t Dante arrest him for that?