General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop!


Oh no, not again. What is it with these two? Last time Michael took a bullet, this time it’s him being sent up the river to Pentonville that has Carly and Sonny hitting the sheets. Yep, they’re doing it again kids and apparently they learned nothing from that romp in the limo. After packing up her son for prison (do you actually pack for that?) Carly finds herself in Sonny’s darkened living room knocking back a few with the Godfather. A few chaste words and bam! Is this the end of Carly and Jax?

At the end of the roll in the sack, Carly tells Sonny she wants Morgan to be a Jacks! Will Sonny stay away from his son? Haven’t we played this song before? What will Sonny do when Morgan agrees with his mom? Speaking of Morgan Corinthos, Dante’s little brother is not his biggest fan any longer. Let’s get back to CarJax as I’m a fan of this pairing. Despite wanting Jax to adopt her son, Carly tells Jax their marriage still has no future. The battle of Sonny vs. Jax continues now with a little boy in the middle.

Carly is all over the place… she’s having sex with Sonny, wanting Morgan to be Jax’s kid and plotting her revenge on Dante and Lulu. Will she be the one to convince Jason to drop his trigger finger that’s pointed in Dante’s direction? She tells Jason that death is too easy for Sonny’s eldest. He needs to hurt and while he’s getting what he deserves, Lulu learning a lesson will be icing on the cake.

Jason’s deal with the Devil? Or is it deals? Michael’s first night behind the prison bars of Pentonville finds him having a chat with ZaCrazy Anthony Z! Did Jason make a deal with the psycho to keep Michael safe? I did ask in the last spoiler post just how far will Jason go and it looks like he’s going pretty far, like Pentonville far. SPOILER has it that Jason makes another deal, this time with Prosecutor Claire, to get himself sent to Sing Sing – as Scotty Baldwin would say – so he can keep an eye on Michael himself. How will Sam take the news this time around? Will all of Jason’s deals keep Michael out of danger? Nope. Is Michael not safe because Anthony found out who really killed his daughter?

Tracy and Helena… I can’t wait to see these up against each other in this storyline! Tracy is getting in Helena’s way as she’s getting too close to learning the truth about Elizabeth’s baby. Helena’s plan? Kidnap her of course! With Tracy mad as hell at Luke for helping Skye, will Luke not realize his wife’s been kidnapped by his nemesis or will he go off in search of Tracy? SPOILER has it that Lulu is the one to notice something is off about her step-mother's whereabouts.

Scrubs… Can Patrick compete with a memory? I remember Robin and Stone like it was yesterday and as much as I love Scrubs, sorry Patty, but no you can’t compete. That being said, Robin, Patrick is there and in the flesh so please get your head out of heaven. Robin wants to honor Stone’s memory. Will this take her off-screen a bit? Patrick is SPOILED to be jealous of Steven and Lisa and Kimberly McCullough has some outside projects that SHOULD take her away from GH a little. Note to Guza and the writing crew: I know in the soap world couples have a shelf life; however, there are couples that are happy. Can we have one happy couple? Please?

CRAZY and RANDOM… Does Jason go in only for Michael to be released? RUMORS are out there that there MAY be some corruption going on that gets Michael out of Pentonville, but Jason made the deal with Claire. Someone MIGHT have paid off the judge. Say it ain’t so Judge Carroll! Uh Oh. Carly bribing Brooklyn? More RUMORS that Carly has Spinelli track Ned and Lois’s daughter down after seeing a picture of her that Dante has. These RUMORS go on to say that Carly bribes Brooklyn to sleep with Dante. Elizabeth asks Lucky out for a day with the family and he declines only to go to Jake’s and shoot pool with Maxie. Does Sonny want to be with Olivia and their son? Does Jax want full custody of BOTH kids? Will Morgan want to live with Jax? How will Elizabeth handle Shirley's death? Is she going to be living in the dark castle with the Prince?