General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Performer of the day: Laura Wright. I’m always amazed at actresses who are able to cry, and look like they’ve been crying, with the puffy face and smearing of make-up and who are able to get me to cry, despite what I feel for the character. So, kudos to her.

Everybody blames Dante for Michael’s sentencing, even though the judge did the sentencing, Michael did the crime and Jason did the cover up.

Carly freaks out and Jason calms her down. He tells her to go to Michael and reassure him that all will be fine. Carly heads over to the PCPD, where Lucky apologizes to her for doing his job, but she’s hearing none of it, because she’s ready to put the blame on Dante’s shoulders. Carly and Michael have a beautiful mother/son conversation at the PCPD. She assures him that he will be fine and he puts on a brave front for her.

Morgan, Kristina and Molly attack Dante, who feels badly for how things went down. Sonny tries to break it up, only to be told by his daughter that they don’t need his permission for anything. Then the kids head over to the PCPD to see Michael. I’d like to point out that Sonny has no control over his kids and maybe that’s why Michael is heading to Pentonville.

Sonny asks Diane what she can do, but she’s not sure there’s anything she can do. Claire steps in and offers to help, as she’s feeling guilty for her involvement. Diane later breaks down with Max, feeling the guilt of her participation.

Sonny and Dante talk and Dante declares himself God with an ego and accepts full responsibility for what happened to Michael.

Lulu heads over to the PCPD to see Carly, but Lucky shuts her down, so she heads over to Sonny’s to beg for Dante’s life. I feel like I’ve seen that before. "Originality", writers. Look it up.

Jason visits Anthony in jail, and asks him to watch over Michael while he’s in prison. In return, he will make sure that Johnny’s fine on the outside. Johnny’s happy to hear this, as he’s in full revenge mode against Sonny. Whether or not Anthony plans on keeping that promise remains to be seen.

Carly heads over to Dante’s to handle his gun and to remind Dante that he needs to buy a lock for his apartment.