Jillian's B&B Spoilers!


Whip: He tells cousin Oliver to watch his back regarding Steffy.

Oliver/Hope: Mr. Jones makes Hope's day when he addresses her as his girlfriend.

Hope: She's awarded a scholarship to a school based on the East Coast.

Stephen: The Logan patriarch is hellbent on making Stephanie pay for Beth's death.

Brooke/Taylor: The women do battle over Steffy. Ridge comes in and overhears the confrontation the women are having and is shocked by Brooke's comments about his daughter. Later, Brooke has a dream regarding Stephanie and Steffy which acts as a prediction for her future.

Steffy/Hope/Pam: Steffy fills Pam in on her plan to dispatch the Logan clan from Forrester. Steffy plot to humiliate Hope gets crushed when Oliver steps in and saves the day at the press conference. Steffy teams up with Pam to create a new plan to embarrass Hope. When Hope's teleprompter malfunctions everything goes to hell. The lighting for her starts to act up and winds up spelling out, "Ho for the Future." Hope realizes Steffy's behind the prank, while Steffy blames her and states she's blemishing the Forrester name.

Oliver gives Hope some much needed support. Brooke blames Steffy for the prank leaving Taylor and Stephanie fuming and Ridge in the center of it all. Later, Steffy makes a heart-wrenching admission. She still hatches a scheme to destroy  Hope and Brooke and also using Oliver as a means to rid both Logan woman from Forrester Creations. Steffy gets shot down by Oliver, but she reveals a softer side of herself and uses it to her advantage with him. Steffy informs Hope, Mr. Jones is an opportunity regardless if he's with her and uses her body to make Hope feel small. Oliver presents Hope with a touching gift and the two declare their love for each other.

Taylor: She feels Steffy's crying out for attention.

Pam: She tells Stephanie all about her granddaughter's plan. Stephanie's thrilled by everything.

Brooke: She finds out about Hope and Steffy fighting over Oliver. Brooke tells Oliver and Steffy they better not use sex in the mix to amp up the rivalry and force Hope to use it as a weapon.