Jillian's Y&R Spoilers

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Sorry everyone, adventures on location for DC held me up, along with contract negotiations! Better late than never, right?

Adam: His murder mystery starts to come together.

Kevin/Jana: He hatches a scheme to get Jana to love him once again. Kevin consults a doctor when Jana's health takes a turn.

Tawny: She hits GC and learns that Amber and Lil' D have flown the coop. Tawny meets Daniel and Phyllis and the red heads get into it.

Billy/Victoria: The duo plan a romantic getaway.

JT/Mac: JT asks Mac on a trip with Reed.

Winters family: Yes, folks they have spoilers! The family's on opposite sides about finding a solution to save Lily.

Lauren: She fakes being Sarah.

Victor: The Black Knight's plan crashes and burns