Y&R's Sean Young: "Eric’s Always Been In My Corner"


Film actress Sean Young visited with TV Guide Magazine’sMichael Logan about her upcoming The Young and the Restless character, working with Eric Braeden and how Hollywood’s leading men don’t look out for actresses the way they used to.

Was this a specific role at Y&R you wanted or a general look-see?

I don’t remember. I just know I was boohooing because Karen Rea wasn’t there anymore. I was mighty pissed. I’m friends with Eric. I went to him and said, “Please do something!” And then when this role came up they saw me.

So you got the part without an audition?

Yes. I’m at the point in this profession where people know who I am. You know if I’m right for a part or not. And Eric’s always been in my corner. I think the moment he completely decided he liked me was when we were farting around on the set of The Man Who Came Back in Texas. Eric kicked a soccer ball to me and I head-butted it right back at him. It was just a lucky moment, but he was very impressed. His mouth dropped and he was, like, “Oh, my God!”

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