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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Carly decides not to shoot Dante, but instead tells him that he’s not responsible for what happened to Michael, that she is. She explains that she never should have brought him into Sonny’s life and I get giddy with excitement that Carly is finally seeing the light. I should have known better.

Lulu begs Sonny to have Jason spare Dante, but Sonny claims that his hands are tied. Lulu heads over to Carly’s and begs her and is surprised when Carly agrees that Dante isn’t to blame. She convinces Lulu that she will speak to Jason and keep him away from Dante. Lulu is thrilled with this and doesn’t realize she’s being played.

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Jason tells Johnny that he should play by the rules so that nothing bad happens to him, and thereby, nothing bad happens to Michael. Johnny lets Jason know that he’s still planning on bringing Sonny down.

Anthony lets Michael know about the same deal, but promises that if something happens to Johnny, Anthony will throw Michael to the wolves. Michael spends his first unhappy night behind bars.

Jason goes to Sonny and explains the deal – Michael for Johnny – and Sonny is fine with it, so long as Johnny keeps his nose clean. Jason explains that it doesn’t matter what Johnny does, that he is safe and Sonny asks Jason for the same for Dante in return, much to Jason’s anger.

Jason: “I don’t care if Johnny walks in here and burns your freakin’ house down. You can’t touch him.”

Sonny: “If you kill Dante, then I’ll kill you or you’ll kill me. Where does that leave Michael ?”

Lucky goes to Jake’s to drown his law abiding/proper job doing sorrows. Maxie shows up and talks him out of drinking, then proposes a game of pool. Liz calls Lucky, inviting him to Kelly’s, but he turns her down and she overhears Maxie talking to Lucky. Liz high-tails it over to Jake’s to butt in and Lucky tells her to butt out. Liz honey, it’s hard to defend you when you pull stunts like that.

Carly and Jason have a little chat, in which Carly spills the beans that she was lying to both Lulu and Dante and that she plans on making their lives miserable. I remember why I don’t like Carly. Girl, you have a son in jail, another one at home devastated, a baby you rarely see, a career and a failing marriage and you’re going to take the time to make someone else’s life miserable. What are you? Sixteen?