DAYS Goes Retro With Product Placements

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If Brady's gonna keep hanging around Nicole, he better make sure Ari has her stash! I couldn't help but giggle a bit recently, when in the middle of a tense discussion with her sister, Days of Our Lives' Arianna (Lindsay Hartley) broke out the Midol. It looks like the Comeback Soap of the Decade has opted to return to the practice of product placement, which initially helped make soaps insanely-profitable dating back to radio.


With advertisers paying out less money for commercials, partly in fear of  viewers simply fast forwarding through their spots, a full-on return to product placement advertising could help soap operas stay around a little bit longer. DAYS' co-creator Irna Phillips, who famously stated "radio must sell products", would be impressed. I know I am. Way to think outside of the box Ken and Co. Check out the Midol product placement on DAYS, courtesy of kemichaud, after the jump.