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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sonny shows up at Queen of Angels for his biweekly meeting with God – where he begs forgiveness for whatever lame thing he’s done now without actually meaning it – and runs into Olivia, who’s there praying for Michael. Olivia basically tells him she’s thrilled he was never in her son’s life.

Carly and Jason continue to discuss what will happen with Dante. Despite Jason’s bloodthirsty need to kill a cop, Carly convinces him that instead, she will make Dante’s life miserable and make him pay.

Carly heads over to Sonny’s and declares the two of them horrible, needy people who bring out the darkness in each other. And then they decide to play hide the salami on the couch and I have to fast forward.

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Jax meets with Claire to ask what she can do to reverse Michael’s sentence. Dante also meets with Claire for the same reason.

Lulu heads over to the Qs with the same question. Apparently Monica, Edward and Tracy have already put in calls to influential people, none of whom want to help Sonny’s son. And I’ve got to say, you reap what you sow.

Patrick comes home to a mopey Robin, who’s busy reminiscing about the horrors of her 18th year, with the death of Stone. Patrick leaves for Jake’s and runs into Steven and Lisa, who are hanging out and only interested in each other. So Patrick heads back home, only to be shut out by Robin.

Jason gets home to find Molly singing happy birthday to Sam and I wonder why Sam is only celebrating with one sister. Jason apologizes to Molly for saying he would keep Michael safe.

Why is everyone behaving as though Michael didn’t do something jail-worthy? Now, I’m not saying he deserved 5 years for self-defense, but they’re all behaving as though he didn’t actually pick up an ax and hit a woman over the head with it.

Also, where on earth has Alexis been through this whole thing?

Carly and Sonny recover in their couch afterglow, until Carly informs Sonny that she will be reinstating her ban on him seeing Morgan. And I wonder, how long will it last this time?