General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop!


Jason’s Plan… I already told you about the RUMORS that it sort of blows up in the enforcer’s face. Will Jason be stuck in prison while Michael is a free man? RUMOR has it that when Michael gets out some time in the early part of June, Jason will still be behind bars. A break out? It looks like that COULD be happening with Sam, Spinelli and Maxie offering assistance. What about the charges that Jason plead guilty to so that he could be thrown in the clink with Michael? At some point Prosecutor Claire may not have any choice but to drop those charges.

What this ALL means for Jason and Sam… They’ll spend some quality time together before Jason heads to Pentonville. A motorcycle ride, a roll in the sack and just some time getting lost in each other. When Jason is in the clink, since they are not husband and wife, conjugal visits are not allowed. Will marriage be discussed so the pair can get some alone time?

Carly’s Plan… By now you all know that Brook Lynn is brought back to PC with Carly’s intentions of having her seduce Dante. What’s in it for Brook Lynn? Apparently little Miss Ashton MAY have gotten herself in some sort of trouble and she needs the cash Carly is offering.

What this means for Dante and Lulu… well these two are Guza’s newest angst couple. Be prepared for tons of angst to come their way. We still need to revisit the whole abortion thing and Maxie thinks Lulu should just keep that to herself. Even when Michael is released, Carly is still hell-bent on getting revenge on these two despite Sonny’s happiness with his eldest. Will Carly’s plan backfire like most of her plans do? RUMOR has it that there is trouble ahead for Johnny and Olivia and we MAY just see some sparks fly between Brook and Johnny.

Helena’s Plan… The storyline I am giddy about. Tracy Q, meet Helena’s dungeon. SPOILERS still say it will be Luke to the rescue and an interesting side note to that is that Thor MAY play a role in this. Will Helena just happen to leave some papers lying around for Nikolas to see? How does this all affect Elizabeth and her baby?

There appears to be quite a few things going on with this storyline… especially with Lucky and the ladies. We’ll see some more of him and Maxie but we’ll also see Lucky with Prosecutor Claire. Are they really “chem testing” Lucky with both? Helena is pleased with herself when Nikolas and Lucky exchange heated words. Elizabeth finds more trouble at work, oversleeping and Steven feeling she’s too close to Shirley. Will Steven cut his sister from the staff? When it comes to the baby, Elizabeth misses an ultrasound and there are RUMBLINGS of Nikolas accusing the mommy-to-be of trying to lose the baby. Uh oh!

Sonny’s Plan… have you learned nothing from Carly and her plans? He’s also striking a deal with Claire but can she be trusted? Will she confide in Lucky that she plans on reneging on the deal she made with the Godfather? Could this change Sonny’s policy about going after women?

What is next for the organized crime side of Port Charles? Ethan once again joins team Johnny and Sonny is less than thrilled about it. Kristina reminds her father that they owe Ethan. Will the Z’s declare war on Corinthos-Morgan? With Morgan behind bars, Sonny is more vulnerable than ever. Is another Zacharra PC bound? Remember there was an Uncle Claudia spoke of often.

CRAZY and RANDOM… Does Jason enlist Maxie’s help? Olivia is not a fan of Brook Lynn. Are more Q’s coming? RUMORS that Sam might be sick. Why haven’t we seen Lila Rae? Where is Skye’s daughter? Lisa is still a thorn in Scrubs’ side. Nikolas is a Cassadine, true colors are sure to be seen. Will Carly share too much about Alexis’s past with Kiefer’s mom? Is Sonny going to give up Morgan? Lucky and Dante start digging into Judge Carroll. Remember, someone paid him off and that someone wanted Michael to be sent away for a long time.