Sony TV President: "I Had Death Threats Based On Not Getting The Eric Braeden Deal Done"

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President of Sony Pictures Television,

Steve Mosko

, chatted with

The Los Angeles Times

regarding the state of his studio's small screen programs and opened up about

Eric Braeden's

contract negotiations.

You have two long-surviving soap operas, Days of Our Lives and The Young and the Restless.  How long can they keep going?

The great ones will be around forever, and the good news is we've seen growth in both soaps. I learned the hard way how passionate the audience is about these shows. We were in contract negotiation with [The Young and the Restless star] Eric Braeden and there was some disagreement over it — and the show's fans were up in arms. Some people were kind of getting angry with me. I had death threats based on not getting the Eric Braden deal done.