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All My Children Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop!


Madison is coming clean! Sorry David, she’s no longer your puppet. I guess the white knight always wins as Madison tells Ryan who goes straight to David. Will this wreck Greenlee and David? Mrs. Hayward is listening in as Ryan lets David have it. Have no fear fans, these two are sticking together! And plotting away! They have a Diva to frame.

Greenlee is not giving up her fight for Fusion… and she makes sure Erica knows that. Will Greenlee set her nemesis up for a great big fall? Shall we call her Carly? SPOILERS say Greenlee furthers her plans to win back her company. Who’s swiping cash from the Miranda Center? Will Erica make a threat towards Greenlee when she learns there’s a problem at Fusion?

JR off the wagon? Fall into Annie I say! Marissa is there to catch the glass before it hits JR’s lips and she takes it down herself. JR catches his tipsy wife and pours his heart out. Will she let him back in? Too bad for Marissa, words mean little when JR can’t stop thinking about Annie. Too bad for fans of Annie and JR, Marissa tells Krystal she wants to give JR another shot. She loves her husband. JR and Annie are not happy when Scott lets Annie move back into the Chandler Mansion. JR issues his former step-mom a warning and Scott is sharing information.

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Little Trevor is burning up! Can Jake calm his wife down? Is she over everything that happened with Janet from another Planet? Is Amanda a little too much like Janet? Baby Trevor is A-ok, but Amanda feels she’s to blame for her son getting sick.

Colby and Damon… Just how far is Colby willing to let things go with Tad’s son? Is she ready to take things all the way? Bailey is supposed to return to Pine Valley with Baby Stuart, but in the end she changes her mind. Will Tad find out that Damon is not Stuart’s father? Liza once again has it out with Damon, but can she be a comfort to Tad? Will Tad keep yet another secret from his son?

CRAZY and RANDOM… Would Erica steal from the Miranda Center? Yeah, Jackson doesn’t think so either. Ryan just wants to be Madison’s friend. Amanda pays her mom a visit. Is Jake popping the question? Jackson and Erica hit the sheets! What is Liza offering Damon?