Drag Queens, Comedy and Soapy Drama Combine in New Web Series, The Cavanaughs!

Considering how many soap opera characters have inspired drag acts over the years (Dorian Lord, anyone?) it was only a matter of time before a sudsy series featuring one came about. In The Cavanaughs— premiering next Thursday, May 20—  a rag tag group of friends, lovers, frenemies and the aforementioned drag queen assembles to put together a hit TV series, only the behind-the-scenes drama threatens to be outshine the comedy onscreen!


Created by Adrian Morales (CSI: NY), who also stars in the 6-part web series as Bryan, The Cavanaughs is a spinoff of the stage play The Seven Lessons of Life, which made its debut in Hollywood in 2003. Think Sordid Lives meets 30 Rock. The Cavanaughs looks like a lot of fun! Check out a storyline breakdown for the series and a few teaser clips after the jump.

The Cavanaughs

This continuing story follows a group of friends who reunite after working on a failed television pilot, and then come together to create a television sitcom entitled The Cavanaughs.

Bryan (Adrian Morales) - the writer. After two years, he returns to the project finding a new direction for his characters and must decide if he can move on with his life after the death of his lover Shea.

Maddie (Cwennen Corral) - Bryan’s co-producing partner and sister of Shea.Headstrong and confident, she has pushed love out of her life to watch over her friends in need.She’s best friends with Charley.

Charley (Deborah Estelle Phillips) - a chain-smoking actress about to be married to a man she is not in love with. She harbors a secret she feels will tear her family apart and goes to extreme lengths to conceal it.

Mark (Grant Landry) - an outgoing successfuly working actor. He’s very confident in his actions, though some see him too cocky. While he has a love-hate relationship with his co-star Sarah, Mark has a stalker who follows his every move.

Sarah (Amanda Broadwell) - a quirky actress who does her work via internet and commercials. Though she’s attracted to Mark, she’s envious of his success. Hit with cupid’s arrow, Sarah must decide on how to act.

Scott (Daniel Rhyder) - Sarah’s best friend. A genuinely good person, he does what he can to watch over Sarah while trying to embark on his own singing career.


Noreen Cavanaugh (Ginger Snappz) - a colorful drag queen with a heart of gold who has had her own wildly successful television sitcom. She takes pride The Cavanaughs was written especially for her and becomes a den mother of the cast and crew.


Justin (Kevin Makely) – Maddie’s ex-boyfriend and Charley’s ex-roommate. After a twist of fate, he wishes Maddie was back in his life. Dumas (Percy Rustomji) – Mark’s stalker. He shares a past connection with his obsession.