General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



A chunk of the episode was pre-empted by the President, which was rather annoying, since I'm Canadian and watching on Canadian television. I don't really need to see Air Force One sitting on a tarmac for twenty minutes.  Plus, I wasn't able to find the missing part anywhere online, so I can only comment on what I saw.

Sonny goes to Luke to apologize for that whole silly, "I'm going to kill your son because I'm trigger happy with control issues" and cries Luke a river about how he's lost his sons because of the life he refuses to give up.  Ethan arrives and Sonny personally apologizes to him – something Sam hasn't done yet, unless that happened in the 20 minutes that I missed.

Jason and Sam spend quality time together, but he's basically saying goodbye, as he intends to get into jail to protect Michael.  Sam seems ok with the plan, but Sonny's not in love with it, because who will toast his marshmallows if Jason's in jail? 

Carly gets into Claire's face, because it's her fault Michael hit Claudia with an ax and was thrown in prison by a judge.  Claire tells Carly to make nice with Jax, as he's the one with the influential contacts.  Carly meets with Jax, who tells her he's doing what he can, but everyone thinks Sonny's a douchebag and they're not interested in helping Michael.

Shirley engages Helena in conversation and Liz comes to Shirley's rescue.  Nik and Steven get into it. Although I missed why, I'll bet Steven came to Liz' rescue against Helena.  Liz and Nik get into it and Liz tells Nikolas to get rid of Helena, because she's planning on reading bedtime stories to little Stephanie about the evil Cassadines.

Alexis finally shows up on screen after weeks. Most of it happens while the President is talking, so the only thing I catch is that she asks Sam to take care of the girls if she gets sent away for Kiefer's accident.  The two share a nice hug and I wonder why we don't see that more often.

Tracy is upset with Luke's visit to Hong Kong and tells him she's getting a divorce.  Thor tells Helena that Tracy has been sniffing around, so Helena summons Tracy and kidnaps her.

Jason visits with Claire and tells her that he will confess to anything she wants, so long as it gets him into prison. 

Line of the day:

Claire to Jason: "If you're here to kill me, can you make it fast? I have a conference call in five minutes."