General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


I despise Sonny with the heat of a thousand suns, so why was I starting to feel a teeny, tiny bit sorry for him today?  Well, until he showed up in Jax's office.  Then I remembered my hatred.

Carly talks to Jax about adopting Morgan so that they can give him a better life than the one Michael had.  Jax is hesitant at first, especially when she points out that the divorce is going through, she just wants his adoption rights.  But in the end, Jax agrees. 

Carly heads home, where Sonny and Morgan have been having a goodbye chat.  Morgan understands why his father won't be able to see him anymore, but he's saddened by it.  Carly tells Sonny that she wants Jax to adopt Morgan and change his last name to Jackes.  I laugh a little as karma comes a calling and Sonny's head explodes.  But then I get annoyed with Carly's disregard for Sonny's feelings and her insistence that this whole mess is Sonny's fault. While I agree that Sonny shoulders a huge chunk of it, Miss Carly does not get off scot-free here. Yet she's the one with custody of all her children. 

Jason asks Claire to help him get into prison and into Michael's cell.  It's a win-win for Claire, so she's all for it.  Jason heads over to the PCPD to let his boyfriend Lucky in on the news and Lucky seems more heartbroken to lose Jason than Sam did. 

Lucky and Dante are working Michael's case, trying to find a loophole (I'm thinking the lack of a trial or legal representation would be a biggie, but they don't see it).  Judge Carroll shows up and throws it in their faces that Michael got what he deserved, so the boys decide to find some dirt on the judge to hold against him.  Lulu has nothing better to do than hang out with her boyfriend and her brother and then heads over to see dear old dad and ask him for help.

Alexis and Diane discuss the civil trial. Kristina overhears and gets bent out of shape about possibly having to admit her lies under oath.  Kris heads over to see Nik, who offers to help her with the Bauers.

Sonny goes to Jax's office to tell him that he won't be adopting Morgan, essentially blaming Jax for the idea, even though Carly set the whole thing in motion.  And Sonny does what he does best, threatens Jax, who's not interested in hearing the little mobster's threats.

Jason and Carly meet. She tells him her plans to have Jax adopt Morgan, which is fine with Jason. He tells her his plans to go to prison and surprisingly, her head doesn't explode. 

Now, would being a Jackes really mean that Morgan would be safe from Sonny's enemies?