General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop!


Will Mayor Floyd try to stop Jason from going to Pentonville? Yep! Dante does what he can to get the enforcer to his little brother. Are Jason and Dante seriously on the same page? Sonny pays Michael a visit to tell him that Jason is coming to be his friend behind bars and his protector. Will Jason and Michael be cellmates? Dante visits Michael as well and Michael tells Dante the Mob will protect him. Is Michael beaten while Jason is in a holding pattern thanks to Mayor Floyd? You want to read what I have for you after the jump, trust me.

If all Michael gets is roughed up then he should count his blessings. The RUMORS we are hearing are far worse than Anthony Z ordering Michael to get pushed around. Way worse. I admit I saw these RUMBLINGS last week and honestly did not think even Guza would go there, but it LOOKS like he may be going there. First Michael was shot in the head, and then he turned him into a killer now, well now IF these RUMORS are true Michael will now become a victim in the sickest of prison stories. Do I need to draw a dropping the soap picture? Will we see a race to free Michael when Judge Carroll’s bad bench behavior is exposed only for Dante to be too late? Will the damage already be done? COULD this be a great, dark GH story or one that is taking something too far? Some are speculating that fan favorite and Emmy-nominated Drew Garrett (ex-Michael) was let go due to this very storyline. That his boyish looks simply did not fit. Do you agree? Do looks really matter in this case or are the acting chops to pull it off what matter most?

Warren Bauer, meet Prince Nikolas Cassadine. Will Alexis still be facing a wrongful death suit once Nikolas has a “chat” with Kiefer’s dad?

In the mood for romance… Luke plans a surprise night for him and his wife, an anniversary celebration perhaps? Too bad she’s a no show. Does this kick off Luke to go searching for a missing Tracy? Ethan is concerned about her and RUMORS have had Lulu worried as well. Helena must be in a sharing mood as she tells Tracy her plan.

Speaking of the Spencer’s…
I’ve already dished on Lucky declining on a family night with Elizabeth and the boys. Lucky does spend some time with Cam and Jake at the park where they run into Claire who admits to hearing a very loud tick of the biological kind.

CRAZY and RANDOM… Is there anything crazier to spoil than what is above? Sonny tries to charm Olivia. Does he share a plan with her? Patrick is jealous of Steven spending time with Lisa. Can Claire take down two mobsters at once? She thinks she can take out Sonny and Johnny. Luke breaks into Wyndamere. Carly and Sonny are not allowed to visit Jason in jail. Is Jason getting a beat down too? RUMORS are swirling that Jason takes a beating meant for Michael. I’m hearing there COULD be two pretty bad things happening at the same time. Jason's beating is RUMORED to be BAD, really bad.