Jillian's Y&R Spoilers!


Kevin/Jana: Kevin informs Jana the doctors have given her the OK to head home. He decides to seek out a shrink to help Jana and runs into Emily, who agrees to treat his troubled wife. When Jana heads home with Kevin, he pulls out all the stops to get his wife to regain her memory. Unfortunately for Kevin, it turns out badly. Jana is overwhelmed by his pushing her to remember. The next day, Kevin is horrified to see Jana pull a Patty and dye her hair blond!

Out of sorts, Kevin goes to big brother Michael to fill him in on everything. Later, Jana comes by with Lauren. Kevin decides to step up his A-game. Mr. Fisher makes a bold move by asking Michael and Lauren to move in with them for the time being so he can romance Jana the old-fashioned way. Jana agrees to go out with him when asked, but she doesn't appear to be jumping over the moon about it. Kevin's grasping for any glimmer of hope, but starts to get frustrated.

Malcolm: He gives Devon a golden opportunity, which infuriates Neil.

Billy/Victoria: Their love affair is discovered by Victor and Jack, when the lovebirds arrive back in Genoa City, and their respective families are their to pick them up at the airport.

Abby/Tucker/Ashley: While Tucker is at Jabot showing Ashley her new office, he's informed of protesters being outside the building. Guess who's leading the charge? None other than Abbott-Newman heiress Abby (Marcy Rylan making her debut)! Ash spots her daughter, amid droves of press and flashing camera bulbs, and snatches her up. Once inside Jabot's offices, Ashley has a showdown with Abby about the protest and informs her she's the new CEO of Jabot. Abby feels only a tad bit guilty about her mother being caught in the crossfires of her plan to destroy Jabot. Abby pretends to be remorseful about her actions, but once she leaves, it's evident she's quite pleased with herself.

Later, Abby heads to see someone named Kent who's revealed to be a TV producer helping Abby make a reality show. Abby isn't above using her family as a means to become famous. Kent wants the money Abby owes him, but she tells him to wait a bit for the funds. Abby's reached the age (cue laughter) where she can obtain money from her trust fund, and plans on using it to pay Kent. Meanwhile Victor has a chat with Abby about her actions. He isn't thrilled by her shaming the family, given the current status of the Newmans in the media. Abby says she's sorry and tries to get Victor to ease up on her, but when her parents find out Abby's starring on a reality show, they aren't exactly jumping for joy.

Lauren: She has dreams of Sarah.

Cane: He's determined to save Lily.