B&B's Pam to be "Wooed and Deflowered" by Stephen Logan

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Can The Bold and the Beautiful’s Pam (Alley Mills) get crazier than she already is? Apparently she can. According to TV Guide Magazine, Stephen Logan (Patrick Duffy) is going to “woo and deflower” the virginal Pam in a scheme to get back at Stephanie (Susan Flannery) and it will leave Pam more screwed up than before her garden is plowed.

Where is this headed? Won’t this leave Pam even more screwed up than she already is?

I’m afraid so. She grew up seeing her father be so abusive to Stephanie, so the idea that men are bad was formed in her mind at a very early age. This could send her back to that really dark place. I can’t go into what happens, but it gets pretty gnarly. When she finds out she’s been tricked —that Stephen doesn’t really care for her—she’s going to be so hurt. But, hey, until then, she’s caught herself a hunk—on her first go-round!—and she’s having fun. She’s having sex with the Man from Atlantis and Bobby Ewing all rolled into one!