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Jillian's B&B Spoilers!

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Donna: She holds her ground with her divorce settlement request from Eric. Donna wants half of Eric's slice of Forrester Creations. Honey bear begs her to think things through. Meanwhile, Justin (remember him!?) sees his opportunity to be with Donna once again.

Owen: He finally breaks down and tells Jackie all about the secret regarding Bridget and the baby. Later Bridget gives Owen stunning news and Owen gives Bridget a shoulder to lean on.

Eric: He makes a shocking revelation at dinner regarding his future. Stephanie makes her own announcement as well.

Steffy/Oliver/Hope: Steffy works her mojo and attempts to seduce Oliver. Meanwhile Hope and Brooke have a talk about the birds and the bees. Steffy decides to use Oliver as a means to scare Hope.

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Hope eyes an e-mail Steffy sent Oliver which crushes her. Mr. Jones lifts her spirts by telling her he wants her and only her. Expect drama at Hope's graduation party. Later, Oliver and Hope have a private moment when he gives her a present.

Hope: She begs Rick for help.

Rick: He gives Oliver fair warning regarding Steffy.

Brooke: She becomes the bigger woman with Taylor.

Agnes: She takes Bridget's place on a trip to New York.

Pam: She spends time with a friendly face.