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Jillian's DAYS Spoilers!

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Rafe/Anna: Before Rafe can get the goods from Anna, she starts choking and is rushed to the hospital and lapses into a coma. Rafe is dejected by the turn of events since he can't get the info out on who helped Anna snatch Sydney. He also feels bad for Anna since she was obviously caught up into something she was forced into. Rafe wants to close the books on Sydney's kidnapping and also repair his relationship with Sami. Meanwhile Stefano and EJ get word Anna's missed her check in and are starting to get worried. Rafe's still clueless about EJ's involvement but wonders if the DiMeras helped Anna.

Chloe/Carly: Dr. Manning tells the songbird she knows all about her dirty little secret.

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Melanie/Stephanie: The women have a heated showdown.

Arianna: Nicole swipes Ari's fingerprints from her wine glass at the Brady Pub. Ariana catches her in the act and assumes she's just stealing the glass. Nicole lies and says she's doing a story on restaurant theft which Ms. Hernandez buys. When Nicole leaves, Ari fills Brady in on what happened and he defends her which causes he and his lady love to get into a fight. Ari's tired of Brady going to the mat for Nicole and being around her. Afterwards, she leaves when Nicole gets wind of the argument and calls Ari about wanting to work on a story.

Ari shoots the idea down and tells her she's going to bed when Nicole figures out she will have no alibi. She calls Dr. Baker and asks him to go forward with their plan to set Arianna up. Arianna wakes up to hearing Roman being attacked. She and Caroline go help him. Later, Brady, Abe and Nicole show up and they all take off for the hospital. Nicole starts to bring up Ari not having an alibi and Carly chimes in by saying she saw a petite woman with dark hair fleeing the scene. Ari starts to get uneasy about the situation but writes it off as nothing. Later, the police find the flashlight at the crime scene with her fingerprints on it. Arianna still chalks it up as nothing but is taken to the police station for questioning. Hope comes back the with DNA test results taken from Roman that say they are Arianna's! She's booked for the robberies and keeps insisting she's not behind it. Brady soothes her fears when he tells her he believes she's innocent and lets her know he's going to stand by her and help her beat the charges.

EJ: He tells Stefano to stay clear of Will.

Bo/Hope: Brady returns home right when his beloved Fancy Face and Dr. Baker strike again. This time its Roman. Bo and Carly share a tender reunion but the warm and fuzzy moment is dashed when she tells him his big brother was robbed. Bo goes to the hospital to find out everything from Roman. Hope gets pissed about Bo zeroing in on her investigation. Bo tries to reassure his ex he's not taking over the case but she still feels he doesn't have faith in her to solve the case. The robberies get a bit dicier when pill-popping Hope decides to attack Bo.