General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Performance of the day:Laura Wright

Sonny and Jax are on round two of the argument about adopting Morgan when Dante walks in. He reminds the boys of the bigger picture – trying to use all of their resources to help get Michael out of jail.  Jax offers to put pressure on his friends in high places if Sonny promises to keep his nose clean for five minutes, but Sonny isn't interested, especially since it's Jax that asked him and well, because Sonny's a douchebag. 

Funny line of the day:

Jax to Dante: "Hey, how would you like me to adopt you too?"

No name guy talks to Michael in prison and promises to watch over him.  I get an eerie feeling that guy's not on the up and up.

Sam tells Spinelli about Jason's plan to be Michael's prison mate and Spin is devestated.  Maybe he and Lucky can start a support group and meet every Wednesday.

Luke warns Lulu that Dante may not be the man she's fallen for and not to burn her bridges, just in case.  Then later, he asks Lucky what kind of man Dante is. Lucky has a glowing review for his sister's boyfriend, which I think wasn't really what Luke wanted to hear.  They get around to discussing Liz. Lucky vehemently says he will continue to be a father to Cam and Jake, but wants nothing to do with Liz.

Liz visits Windemere to apologize to Nikolas but again mentions her fears for Helena, which Nikolas is not interested in listening to.  He's more worried that Liz doesn't want her child to be a Cassadine and the lengths she'll go to to prevent that.

Ronnie pays Dante a visit to spread the joy of Jason's impending incarceration, only to have Dante and then Lulu rain on his parade. Ronnie's not happy with the way Dante is handling all of this.

After Carly thanks Jason for the ultimate sacrifice, she informs Jason that she will go after Lante if it's the last thing she does. I still don't understand her need for revenge.  I get that she's angry that Lulu chose Dante and that Dante's confession brought Michael out of hiding, but I'm not sure what will be served by spending months making someone else feel bad. 

Jason and Sam motor away to a cabin in the woods and a teary-eyed Sam tells Jason that she understands why he has to leave, to protect Michael.  Jason gives her a compass on a pendant, representing his return to her.

Sonny shows up and Carly tears another strip off of him.  Now that I wasn't feeling sorry for Sonny, I was able to enjoy Carly's smackdown a little better.  I still think she's being hypocritical and self-righteous in blaming him for everything when she kept coming back to him over and over again.  I do, however, love this Carly for being able to stand up to Sonny, something the first two Carlys didn't have written in them.  As they're screaming at each other, a tearful Morgan runs in and begs for them to stop.  Sonny accepts that Jax will adopt Morgan and give him a better life and Sonny leaves.

Line of the day:

Carly to Sonny:
 "You say you're a good father, but you never put your kids first."