General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Scene of the day: Claire and Lucky, but I’ll get to them in a minute.

Sonny leaves his self-pity party long enough to visit his son in prison. He tells Michael about Jason joining him. When Michael leaves, Anthony shows up and Sonny can’t keep his mouth shut and his brain working. He spills the beans that Jason is coming and that the deal with Anthony is off the table. So basically, if anything happens to Michael before Jason gets there, it’s all on Sonny. Again.

Robin tells Patrick that she’ll be working in the AIDS wing. Somehow, that ticks him off and he takes it out on Matt (no really, Matt was on!!) Then he tries to get flirty with Lisa, but she shoots him down in favor of Steven. And then we’re blessed with a shot of half-naked, wet Steven in the locker room and well, I forgot what happened for about 5 minutes after that. Nice, Scott Reeves, very nice!

Maxie shows up to ask Robin’s help in making Spinelli forget his true love, Jason. She hatches a harebrained scheme to make Spinelli jealous with Matt, so she accepts Matt’s offer to have ice cream on the docks.

Alexis visits Nikolas and he tells her about his conversation with Kristina. She’s concerned that Kristina will have to testify at the civil trial and dredge up all the memories of the abuse. Nikolas tells Alexis that he will deal with Warren in the Cassadine way. Nik meets with Warren and informs him of this.

Olivia is upset with Johnny for continuing to go after Sonny, and leaves. Ethan shows up looking for cash, but when Johnny spells out his plan, Ethan’s not interested in the violence and he leaves. Sonny shows up and lets Johnny know that his deal with Jason is off the table and if he tries anything, Sonny will dispose of him. Johnny’s not looking too worried.

Dante and Lucky look for skeletons in the judge’s past but don’t find any. Both question whether they’d be able to make up something, just to get Michael out, but neither is willing to cross that line, although I think Lucky might have been persuaded. Dante visits Michael in prison and when Michael claims that Sonny will get him out soon, Dante angrily informs Michael that Sonny doesn’t have that ability. I’m beginning to see a side of Dante that I’m not in love with.

Lucky’s in the park with the boys when Claire shows up, in a daze after an appointment with Dr Lee, and proceeds to freak Lucky out with crazy baby talk. I absolutely loved this scene. I loved the way Lucky was looking at her like she’d completely lost her mind and he wasn’t sure if she’d suddenly grab Jake and make a run for it. I loved that they’re showing a more human, less rabid lawyer side to Claire. And I did feel some chemistry between them, but I think that’s more on her side, because I feel she has chemistry with every guy she’s been in a scene with so far.

Line of the day:

And Dr. Lee she says my biological clock is ticking and... can you hear it?

Lucky: Oddly enough, yeah, I think I can.

Claire: It's really loud.

Lucky: Yeah, it's really irritating

The dryness in JJ's tone and the wild look on his face just killed me.