Walk a Mile in Y&R's Joshua Morrow and Kate Linder's Shoes to Help Foster Children

The Young and the Restless stars Joshua Morrow (Nick) and Kate Linder (Esther), along with other celebs, are hoping fans will want to walk a mile in their shoes to help children in foster care. The stars have donated autographed shoes to Hillsides Foster Soles, an online auction of celebrity shoes and photographs, conducted by Hillsides, a Los Angeles foster children's charity. Hillsides works to shine a light on issues foster children face in the system.


"I can't imagine how tough it would be to be in the foster care system, and I'm glad that Hillsides is giving these kids a safe place to stay and services to help them feel stable," says Morrow. "I was happy to part with these cool Nikes to help them raise some funds."

Linder— one of the most tireless stars in daytime, working with such organizations as the Make-a-Wish Foundation and the ALS Association, the latter of which she serves as national spokesperson— is also happy to be taking part in the auction.

"We can never do enough for our children," Linder states. "Foster homes provide the opportunity for children without family to receive the love and support necessary to establish new lives in a safe and healthy environment."

Fans of Linder and Morrow can bid online to get a chance to walk in their shows at: www.clothesoffourback.org/hillsidesfostersoles . The auction runs through May 20.

Photos by PR Photos