General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



A lot of this episode was a continuation of yesterday, with the exception of Luke/Tracy, which I will get to in a minute.

Claire and Lucky continue to bond over babies. He rehashes the Niz stuff and she's surprised at how with it he is.  Clearly she hasn't seen him shed tears at the drop of a hat yet. 

Nikolas and Warren argue loudly about Alexis' involvement in Kiefer's death.  Carly comes over to tell them to shut it.  Warren tries to play on her sympathies, but she's not really interested.  After Warren leaves, Nikolas explains to Carly what Warren is up to and that Kristina will be forced to relive the abuse as she tells it on the stand.  Carly marvels at Nik's intentions to protect his cousin. 

Line of the day:

Carly to Nikolas:
  "Everyone else is stepping up to the plate to protect Sonny's children.   You, Jax, Jason.  Everyone but Sonny."

I wonder what her reaction would be if she found out Sonny had negated Jason's deal with Anthony.

Dante and Michael continue to argue and Michael blames Dante for his incarceration. I wish I could remind Michael that he is the one that put himself in prison by hitting Claudia and then lying about it.  Dante helped get him into prison quicker than expected, but the reason he's in there is on Michael (and Jason).

JaSam have a final day together, enjoying each other's company and eating bad food that Sam has cooked. Really Guza?  Can no woman on this show cook? Take out places in PC must make a fortune.  Sam tries to delay their departure to spend more time with Jason, but they leave and he heads over to the PCPD to turn himself in to Claire and Dante.

Patrick snaps at Steven and Lisa (Stisa? Leven?).  When Steven confronts him and accuses him of being jealous, Robin overhears only part of the conversation and comes to Patrick's defense.  Patrick apologizes to Lisa and she seems happy that he was jealous.  Robin asks Steven to allow her to work on the AIDS floor.

Lulu runs into Carly at the Metrocourt and they chat about Carly's fears for Jason and Lulu's abortion, which she hasn't told Dante about.  Carly's eyes light up, because she's clearly found the weak spot in Lante's armor.

Luke is preparing an anniversary meal for Tracy and tells Ethan to find her.  Skye shows up and Luke tries to hit on her with his anniversary food (seriously dude, not cool), but she leaves.  Tracy is being held captive by Helena, who wants Luke to come to her rescue.  Ethan returns to tell Luke that Tracy is nowhere to be found and Luke begins to worry.

Nik summons Lucky to tell him that Helena has taken off, which usually means trouble. Lucky says he'll warn Luke, but the brothers are very frosty with one another. 

Looks like it will be Luke to Spanky Buns rescue.